Is Stardoll a safe site?

We are always working hard to improve the safety and security at We continuously moderate the site and have several filters in place to avoid name-calling and bad language.

Stardoll is automatically moderated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please don't hesitate to use our reporting tool if you notice anything that disturbs you or worries you. This is the best way to alert our moderation staff to any inappropriate content. The report tool can be found in all places in where members can interact.

While on, you need to follow Stardoll's One Stop Rules. Stardoll has the right to cancel your membership and close your account with no chance of refund if you violate these rules.

Remember: People online might not be who they say they are.

If you would like to activate the Kidsafe function on your account go to your Settings and choose "Activate Kidsafe".

NEVER EVER give our personal information such as name, address, email or phone number. DO NOT use phishing sites or proxies as they are potentially dangerous and put your account's safety at risk.

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