How do I start a Club?

Stardolls who have reached level 13 and have a confirmed email address can start a club. Everybody (except KidSafe members) can have one club. Superstars are allowed to have 3 clubs.

Click on "Create a club" (under Chat & Friends), and follow the instructions for starting a club. Choose an original club name which doesn't use any bad words and which doesn't include any spaces or special characters. Then you should:

1. Decide whether to have a Public Club which automatically accepts all interested members or a Private Club where you choose who can become a member.
2. Select a category for your club, so that other stardolls can search for it.
3. Choose a club logo and create a presentation describing the club's identity and goals.

You can change all this later (except the club name) if you are not completely happy. Once you have created your club, you can create sceneries with your club members and discussions on the club's own forums. On your page, you will have an overview of the clubs you own, clubs where you are the manager, and your other club memberships.

If you delete your club, you will have to wait one month before you can create a new one (for Superstars, the waiting time is just 7 days).

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