How does The Vote work?

The Vote is a daily contest with a fun theme, where you can submit your photo for the chance to win.

Every day, you can send in your own themed photo, vote for other stardolls and collect rewards for voting. Submitting a photo is free for Superstars. If you are not Superstar, you need to be level 10 and pay 10 Starcoins in order to compete.

The winners are announced daily and win:

1st prize: 75 Stardollars & 200 Starcoins
2nd prize: 50 Stardollars & 100 Starcoins
3rd prize: 25 Stardollars & 50 Starcoins

You can check how your friends did each day, and if you place in the top 1000 you can also see your own ranking in the results.

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