Don’t Take the Bait QUIZ

Don’t Take the Bait QUIZ
Hey Dolls!

Prove your security savvy and take this quiz about phishing to win a fishy poster featuring the internet's favorite obsession: cats! ONLY entries that are 100% correct will receive the PAWS poster, so head over to the information page first to review!

  • 1) True or False? Stardoll sometimes sends Stardollar payouts via Doll Mail that I can redeem by clicking on a link that takes me outside of Stardoll.

  • 2) If I receive a Doll Mail from a name I don’t recognize with a link, it’s probably:

  • 3) True or False? If you’re not sure if something is a phishing scam, you shouldn’t report it, since you might get in trouble for sending a false report.

  • 4) If you lose access to your account from a phishing scam, what should you do?

  • 5) If you see an account that says in their presentation that they can help you become Superstar and get Stardollars, and there are comments in their Guestbook from members who say thanks for helping them achieve their Stardoll dreams, it’s definitely: