How do I sell my designs or stuff I don't want anymore?

To see which items you can sell, click on "My Bazaar" under Design. You can set a price between 2 and 600 Stardollars.
You can sell max 5 items within 24 hours to one user. Only Superstar can sell items in StarBazaar.

Note: Item bought for Stardollars can be sold for Stardollars. Starcoin items can be only sold in Starcoins. If you succeed in selling your item, Stardoll will take a commission fee of 10% of the StarBazaar price.

The item will now show up on the top rack of your Bazaar. From there you can choose to remove any item if you change your mind about selling it, before someone else has actually bought it.

Your item will be on sale for a maximum of four days in the StarBazaar, if no one has purchased it during that time it will be returned to your wardrobe, shelf or Beauty Parlor and also under the tab "Fashion/Interior/Jewelry you can sell." You can always put it back out for sale, if you like, although you might want to reconsider your sale price.

If someone buys one of your Bazaar items you'll receive a message in your Messages and you'll see the money added to your account. You can also see it in your transaction history.
Free items from campaigns can not be sold in StarBazaar. Clothing just bought in StarBazaar cannot be sold within 48 hours for security reasons.

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