Do you use real fur on Stardoll?

Please be assured that all fur, leather and feathers on the site are officially 'conceptually' fake -- in all Stardoll collections, always -- and of course doubly so as they are illustrations.

We have lots of pets and other animals on the site, including endangered species (part of a campaign to raise awareness on this important issue) and fictional creatures (fairies, unicorns, werewolves, magic hawks wearing emeralds etc) --- they are part of the imaginative world of play that is Stardoll and shouldn't be taken as endorsing or encouraging either the keeping of endangered species in your actual house, or indeed of genetically engineering existing creatures to create horses with horns, wolf-people or small flying humans.

We very much appreciate your strong engagement with our content and hope that in our shared Stardoll world of fame, fashion and fantasy we can play with these elements in a light-hearted and inventive way.

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