How do I buy a gift for my friend?

You can send gifts if you have reached level 12, or if you have Superstar or Royalty membership.
You can send gifts from your friend’s Suite (simply select their Wishlist or in-Suite Gift Shop). Presents can also be sent from the Starplaza, by clicking on the gift icon on the price tag.
When you have bought your friend a present, it will be gift-wrapped and delivered to their Suite.

Why can’t I send a gift?

In order to send a gift, you need to reach level 12. Superstar and Royalty members can send gifts at any level.
Some gifts are locked for higher levels, Superstars or Royalty. Certain items are only available if you own the matching room or module.
Some items are limited and cannot be sent if your friend already own them. If you have recently changed your email or password, you will not be able to send gifts for 48 hours.

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