Stardoll's Next Top Hair Artist 5!

Stardoll's Next Top Hair Artist 5!

It’s that time again! Stardoll’s Next Top Hair Artist is back and we are ready to see the best hair designs that YOU  have to offer!

This year we will be looking for unique, fun, and original designs with an attitude! It’s time again to recognize your design skills and let your hairstyles shine in StarPlaza!

Create a show-stopping hairstyle using StarDesign Hair and submit it to this contest by March 15. The winning designs will be featured in a Tress Up collection in StarPlaza!

All winners will be credited for their wigs, receive their designs as a prize, and be awarded the coveted Dream of Design achievement. Five outstanding Top Hair Artists will be chosen and awarded with a Stardollar bonus.

This is it, Dolls! Get styling!



  • Create an original StarDesign Hair Style

  • Purchase your Design and put it on your doll

  • Take a picture of your doll wearing your hair design

  • Submit the photo to this contest by March 15

Note: For technical reasons, the hair designs will be recreated by our design team in order to fit the Beauty Parlor’s specifications. Unlike their StarDesign doubles, the StarPlaza wigs will be able to change color!

ATTENTION: If you submit a hair design that is not your original design and was instead copied from another designer using a program, you will lose your account and you will not be entitled to a refund. DO NOT STEAL HAIR DESIGNS.