How do I design my own clothes?

1. Go to "Design", select Fashion and click on the “Start” sign.
2. Choose amongst the available clothes. You’ll see the price when you place the cursor over each item. Select the item you want to design by clicking on it.
3. Start creating your fabric. Choose objects from the “Edit Fabric” tab by dragging the object onto the fabric. You can rotate, resize and change the color of each object.
4. Choose pattern type in the “Edit fabric” tab.
5. In the right corner you can see a preview of your fabric. Click to see the fabric in full view. Here you can also zoom in on the fabric and place your item where you like.
6. In the “Print” tab you can select a print of your choice and add it to your item.
7. Click on “Create” and your design will be displayed in the StarDesign fashion studio.
8. Click on a garment to buy it. You can buy the same design up to 10 times at once. You can also buy the item for a friend, just select "Give to" and writing the username of the doll you want to gift.
9. You will find your purchased designs in a shopping bag in your Suite.
10. Superstars can sell their designs in StarBazaar.

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