Easter 2024 Diary Contest

Easter 2024 Diary Contest
Hello Dolls!

This Easter has been egg-straordinary!

We all know that people around the world celebrate Easter in different ways.

In New Zealand and parts of Australia, hot cross buns are Easter favorites. Kids learn how to make them and celebrate just before their fall. 

In South Africa, the celebration extends to what is known as Easter Monday. The official day off was granted by the government in the 90s to the citizens who didn't oppose another holiday at home with their family and friends.

During the Holy week that precedes Easter Sunday, the city of Antigua, in Guatemala, covers the streets in colourful carpets in preparation for the Good Friday procession. The carpets are made from sawdust, flowers, fruits, vegetables and sand. 

In Finland, the tradition is to dress up as Easter witches. Kids wear colourful clothing and get painted freckles on their cheeks.

Today we want to know where in the world you would like to travel to celebrate Easter or another special holiday, in this case, which one? Who would you bring with you for this celebration? 

The creators of the best answers will get Stardollars! Everyone who participates will get a special item.

Participate until April 12th.

Have fun!