How can I design jewelry?

1. Go to Design, select Jewelry and click on the Start sign.
2. Choose amongst the items on the shelves. You'll see the price when you hover the cursor over it. Select an item by clicking on it.
3. Select the material (wood, glass, metal or plastic) and the color of the item. Click "Next" to start decorating it with charms. If you’d like to design a different item, click "Back to Items" to take you back to the item shelves.
4. Drag charms to the item. You can also resize or rotate the charm. Any charm placed within the purple rectangular workspace will be a part of the jewelry, and the charms don’t necessarily need to be connected to each other. You can have a maximum of 65 charms on your jewelry item.
5. You can click on "Preview’" at any time to view your work.
6. When you are finished, click "Done".
7. Your designed jewelry will be displayed on the mannequin in the StarDesign Jewelry studio.
8. If you’d like to buy the item, click on it. 9. You can find purchased StarDesign jewelry in the Beauty Parlor, under Jewelry.

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