How does the chat work?

You can invite any of your friends to your Suite to hang out and chat. Everything that happens in the Suite during a chat looks exactly the same to both stardolls.

1. You can invite a friend to chat from your list of online friends. Click on the Chat tab on the top of the page and choose a friend to open a chat box. From there, you can select "SuiteChat".
2. While chatting and hanging out in a Suite, you and your friend can play with your clothes and all your other stuff.
You can save the room with all the changes you two have made, or don't save and it will go back to exactly the way it was before the Chat session started. Together you can do makeovers, style each others dolls, re-decorate the rooms or just hang out and chat!
3. If you want to leave the chat, just select the "Leave chat" button.

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