Can I change my account's username?

Currently, active Royalty members can change their usernames. Here are step-by-step instructions on how Royalty members may change their usernames:

1. Make a top up purchase for 200 SD or more Stardollars via Xsolla.
Notes: Topups are different than purchasing Superstar status. As this perk is only for Royalty members, having an active Superstar/Royalty membership is also necessary.

2. Once you have topped up for 200 SD or more, within a week of making the top up, send an email to
In the email be sure to include:
- Your current username
- The payment reference number for your Stardollar top up
- The date of your Stardollar top up purchase (keep in mind you have a week from top up purchase to make the request)
- Your top 5 usernames you would like to to change to in order of importance (The reason we ask for multiple options is because sometimes a username that isn't currently showing on Stardoll is for an older Superstar or Royalty account that's no longer active and we don't take names from paying members.)
Notes: Username options must be 3-15 characters long.
Letters must only come from the ISO basic Latin alphabet (AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz)

3. We will email you back, letting you know that your username has been changed, and what your new username is.

We will always try to change your username to your number one username change choice, but if the username is taken we will move to choice two. And so on. If all five of your choices have been taken, we will email you asking for more options.

Please allow us up to one week to change your username. If you write in multiple times, your request moves to the back of the queue. You can change your username more than once as long as you top up again, but changing it quite often is usually considered to be an effort to hide identity for questionable behavior, so please be considerate of this when deciding to change it again after a recent change.

For now, this is a perk we only offer to our current active Royalty. If you are currently not a Royalty member. Please become a Royalty member or reactivate your Royalty status, and then top up, to change your username.

IMPORTANT: If you request a username that is inappropriate or against the One-Stop Rules, you will not receive it.


When you make an account through Facebook you are given a random username, and in that case you get a chance to select a nickname of your liking. If you joined through Facebook, you will be able to change your account's name in your Settings .

Just type in the nickname you want and see if it's available. Please note that once you save the changes you will never be able to change the account's name again.

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