• Joined: 2019-06-30
  • Last seen online: 42 minutes ago
  • Model Ambitions2
    Find a user who is a Stylist and get styled by them.
  • Competitive Spirit7
    Win a chat game.
  • Safety Whiz2
    Take the safety quiz and get a perfect score.
  • Social Butterfly15
    Create 10 Chat Rooms.
  • A Girl's Best Friend2
    Design and buy 1 piece of Jewelry in StarDesign Jewelry.
  • It's My Party4
    Create 1 Chat Room and invite your friends.


Katerina Graham
Celebrity look-a-like: Katerina Graham
  • Favorite celebrity: Katerina Graham
  • Favorite music: R&B
  • Favorite movie genre: Supernaturals
  • Favorite food: Lasagne
  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Future dream job: Travelling
  • Favorite TV-show: The Vampire Diaries
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Hair color: Depends on the day
  • Favorite hobby: Family & Friends