Hi, I'm Amy!

Amy Amy Diamond – Little Girl, Big Voice

Amy Diamond, born in Norrköping, Sweden on the 15th of April 1992, to an English father and a Swedish mother. When she was ten months of age Amy`s family moved to England. They moved back to Sweden when Amy was 4 and a half years old. Amy has three sisters.

Amy started to sing when she was just a year old. Her parents thought it vital that she should have no vocal coaching and therefore Amy has been allowed to develop her amazing singing voice at her own pace and without any singing lessons whatsoever.

Amy is a calm, self-confident and secure artist and is considered by many people to be a wonder-child.

Amy has had from a very early age a very distinctive voice and sound.

With unique vocal maturity, and being used to performing on stage, she sings securely and calmly with personality and balance. On top of that Amy possesses an incredible musical ear giving her fantastic control over her voice, which everyone who has had the opportunity to work with Amy have been blown away by.

Amy knew from very early on that she was meant to be a singer and she would eagerly watch all the talent shows aired on TV.

She was also aware of the fact that she was too young to enter any of these competitions. So at the age of 8 she began asking her mother to search for and find talent competitions that she could enter.

Amy desperately wanted to be up on that stage!

Between the ages of 8 and 11 Amy joined the local Jönköping dance & theatre group “All sorted Sweets” Amy also participated in several musicals and theatre plays.

Amy`s very first performance on stage was at the age of 8 in the musical “The Wizard of Oz”. After she´d sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow” the crowd went absolutely crazy and Amy received a standing ovation.

Her first television performance was in an episode of the Swedish talent series “Stars in their eyes for children” in 2000.

When SVT (Sweden`s main TV channel) were looking for child actors for a major drama/thriller Tv-Series “The Affected” Amy`s drama teacher at “All sorted Sweets” asked Amy to audition for a part. Amy did the audition and landed the part!

At the age of 9 Amy entered a talent show and after her performance the crowd started to chant: “Amy! Amy! Amy! Amy!” The whole theatre was buzzing.

The next day, Amy, for the first time, had front page headlines in the local newspapers.

When Amy was 10 years old she travelled with her family all over Sweden to different talent shows. This gave her lots of stage experience. Amy`s voice caused a lot of headlines that summer and she won 7 out of 8 competitions. People were blown away by Amy`s voice and she received rave reviews all over.

At the age of 11 Amy entered the televised talent show “Super Troupers”. This was a great experience for Amy and she received a great response and got a lot of new fans. At the show they had a vocal coach to help the children. She was so amazed at Amy`s vocal ability and said “there was nothing that she could teach her”. After “Super Troupers” Amy`s dream was to record her own album.

In 2004 Amy got her first big break. She entered a talent show run by the radio station “Mix Megapol”. Anyone aged 10 to 25 could enter and the competition was to be held in 10 different cities all over Sweden. Amy won her semi final and in the end she won the whole competition. The prize was to record a song with a professional producer. On the jury there was an A&R (Joakim Stenhammar) from Bonnier Amigo Music. After hearing Amy in the studio Amy was offered a recording contract. The song “What´s in it For Me?” was recorded in 1,5 hours(!) and Amy and her father were flown to Cuba to make her first video.

”What´s in it For Me?” was released in February 2005 and was a huge success, being the third most played single in Sweden 2005.Other hits would follow and Amy was successful in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and the Baltic countries. Her first album was also released in Spain, Germany and Holland.”What´s in it For Me?” was the most played song in Poland during the summer of 2005.

Amy`s popularity rocketed and she performed on all the major Tv-programs. Amy is the real deal and when it comes to performing she always sings live. Amy has never had any media training or vocal coaching- she´s just being her natural self.

Amy also used to be a great figure skater. She started to skate when she was 6 years old. She did very well at the competitions, winning several medals. At the age of 10 she was moved up into the most advanced and oldest group in the club, starting to train 6 days a week and competing at the weekends. When Amy was 12 years old she realized that she had to choose between figure skating and singing. Although she found it a little sad to give up figure skating it wasn´t a hard decision to make.

During the summer of 2005 Amy toured her first album.

2005 Amy was nominated for several awards at different galas;

The Youngest ever Nominated for a Grammy award (4 nominations). Newcomer of the year, Female artist of the year, Song of the year and Download of the year.

The Youngest Ever Nominated for Rockbjörnen as Best Female Pop, Best Song (2 Nominations)

The Youngest Ever Nominated for and youngest Ever Winner of Nordic Music Awards,(Best Nordic Hit).

The Youngest Ever Nominated for and youngest Ever Winner of NRJ Awards (Best Swedish Female Act and Best Swedish Act) (3 Nominations-2 wins)(3rd Nomination was Song of the year)

She also received a Nickelodeon Award for Song of the year.

Amy received the very prestigious Award from Poland for Best Female International Pop in 2006 (The Popcorn Award)

In May 2006 Amy´s second Album “Still Me Still Now” was released having sold gold before it hit the shops on pre-orders only. Hits from the album followed. During the Summer of 2006 Amy did a tour with “Diggiloo” causing headlines yet again in every Swedish town. She did an amazing version of Edith Piaf´s”Je Ne Regrette Rien” receiving standing ovations in every town the show visited.

That summer Amy was crowned “Best Female Live Act Sweden Summer 2006” aged only 14(!) voted for by readers of the biggest evening newspaper.

Amy was also awarded “Artist of the Year” by the Magazine “Tove”.

Apart from the music Amy has also done some modeling for the famous Ellos wholesale catalogue, for the sports chain Stadium and for Statoil. She also had a leading acting role in SVT:s Christmas Calender 2006.

Amy made a guest appearance at the Elvis Tribute Concert in September 2007. She sang “In The Ghetto” with the TCB-band (the Original Elvis Band) and with the Sweet Inspirations backing her. Yet again she received standing ovations for her performance.

Joe Esposito, Elvis´s close friend and Tour Manager, said “It´s the best cover version of the song I´ve ever heard”.

Amy's third record “Music In Motion” in 2008, reached top three on the Swedish album chart, resulting in the fact that Amy was a bestseller amongst the younger Swedish artists. On this album Amy had the oppurtunity to work with producers such as Max Martin, Pete Davis, Alexander Kronlund among others.

Last year, 2008, Amy Diamond set out to record a dedicated Christmas album with the title “En helt ny jul”. The record was a big success, reached the top eight position on the Swedish album chart and was awarded a Swedish gold record.

Amy released her fifth album, once again characterized by the electro-pop sound. With this album “Swings and Roundabouts,” Amy has during the year of 2009 joined forces once again with Robert Habolin as the main songwriter and producer, and together they have recorded half dozen songs on the album. Habolin, who established his real breakthrough as a songwriter for A-Teens and their hit “Perfect Match”, has been involved in several recordings with Amy in the past. He was most recently involved with the recording of the song “Thank You” that was performed at Melodifestivalen (the Swedish version of the Eurovision Song Contest) last year, as well as the recording of the song “En helt ny jul” that was featured as the main title for the special Christmas album by Amy.

About Swings and Roundabouts Amy said:

“It’s been an absolute joy to record this album “Swings and Roundabouts”. It’s been a truly exciting and educational journey to be able to work with Robert Habolin, who really had me involved throughout the whole production of the album. We’ve been working with “Swings and Roundabouts” for over a year, and I’m very happy with the result – I can’t wait for it to be released!

The title “Up” is written by Negin Djafari , and will be the first single from the new album. Diafari has also been involved with earlier Amy Diamond hits such as “Shooting Stars” back in 2005. The album “Swings and Roundabouts” also features songs such as; “It’s My Life” and “Cowboys”. The first song is written by Alexander Bard/Bobby Ljungren and was performed at Melodifestivalen, and the song “Cowboys”, that was co-written by Sharon Vaughn, who was involved in making the hit “Release Me” (performed by Swedish pop star Agnes).

"Swings and Roundabouts" was released four years after Amy’s huge success with the single ”What’s In It For Me” (which was followed by the album ”This Is Me Now”). The record climbed to the second place on the Swedish album chart (as did her sequel album “Still Me Still Now” in 2006) and gained platinum status.

Amy has since her appearance in “Melodifestivalen” participated in various concerts in the huge summer tour “Digiloo”. And lead her own handpicked choir from her hometown Jönköping – a choir that competed against other choirs in the TV show “Körslaget”. Amy also played the lead character Alice in the musical “Alice In Wonderland”, that had its premier at the Maxim Theatre in Stockholm.

Swings and Roundabouts went GOLD!

In spring 2010 Amy won the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Best Swedish Act/Artist.This was a very difficult award to win this time around as the competition consisted of both male,female and groups in the same category. She beat all the most popular artists!

During the summer of 2010 Amy has been on tour.She has also been appointed by SVT as one of their Tv-Presenter-profiles and during June 2010 Amy filmed the most popular SVT Tv-series Bulldogg.It is a fun type of blind date-program where children who really want a dog but are not allowed to by their parents for one reason or another can win a date with a dog for a day.It consists of 16 episodes and will start to air in December 2010.

Although singing and performing are her biggest passions and mean everything to Amy she also believes that having an education is the most important thing in life. At the moment Amy is studying to become a hairdresser (she´s in her third and final year)and will be fully qualified in spring 2011.

On the 29th of October 2010 Amy releases her first ever Greatest Hits, at only 18 years old! She will be going on a Greatest Hits signing tour all over Sweden.